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March Madness Softball Challenge


Dec 3-4

Jan 7-8

Jan 14-15

Feb 25-26 

March 3-5

March 11



Houston Sportsplex

12631 South Main St.

Houston, TX 77035



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No pets are permitted onto the premises at Houston Sportsplex 

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Flag Football News


Flag Football Rules -  Men's - Coed


Online League Registration


Flag Football Leagues Start Dates

Sunday Night Men's: September 11th




Beach Volleyball News

2016 League & Tournament Rules

 Online League Registration

All Leagues are doubleheader leagues


All Leagues will be 7 weeks of regular season, with a single elimnation playoff in week 8. All teams make the playoffs.


6v6 Leagues $295 for a team up to 9 players

6 players on the court, minimum 2 females


4v4 Leagues $225 for a team up to 7 players

4 players on the court, minimum 2 females


3v3 Leagues $195 for a team up to 5 players

3 players on the court, minimum 1 females

2v2 Leagues $150 for a team up to 3 players

Volleyball Leagues Start Dates

Sunday Night: September 11th

Monday Night: September 12th

Tuesday Night: September 13th

Wednesday Night: September 14th

Thursday Night: September 15th




Operation Snowstorm Champions



Beach volleyball is quickly gaining popularity across Texas and especially in the Houston area. This spring Houston Sportsplex will open 8 premiere sand courts. Courts will have, 18 to 24 inches of white bleached sand, along with each court will have individual lighting making these courts energy efficient, all 8 courts have a complete drainage system allowing all courts to be playable after a Houston down pour. Houston Sportsplex will offer adult leagues, corporate leagues, junior beach program, tournaments and corporate rentals. Please visit Adult league home page for league and upcoming tournaments. Visit Junior home page if you are a junior player looking for a beach program 10 to 18 years of age.

CLICK HERE FOR 2016 HSP Volleyball League & Tournament Rules


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